Nicole Miles Illustration

Burl & Fur zine

20 GBP / In stock.
"BURL & FUR is an illustration zine inspired by and dedicated to bara/gay manga. A group of over 40 artists pay tribute to the genre, making up a beautiful and diverse collection of illustrations. The illustrations are risqué, but not pornographic. They range from playful to suggestive (and are all very sexy, if we do say so ourselves)."

With so many fun, cheeky, rugged and sweet pieces, it's got a little something for everyone! ; )

6" x 9”, full colour
69 high-quality recycled paper pages
Foil-stamped softcover

50% of profits from these copies go to the Albert Kennedy Trust who, among other things, help get young homeless LGBT folks in the UK off the streets this winter.*
*Previously 50% of profits went to the Russian LGBT Network which is another very worthy cause, but I had been having difficulty donating at times and have decided to change winter donations to support AKT as of 25th November 2017.